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Weapons of Goh Cho that include that include video training  of the forms CDA$25 each video / DVD shipping included for Canada, North America and Europe. Other countries +CDA$5 shipping

1. Sang Te Pi (sai),

2. Sang Te Kwai (tonfa)

3. Sang Chiet Dao (butterfly knife)

4. Single Dagger

5. Twin Dagger

6. Straight Sword

7. Five foot staff

8. Spear

9. Teng Pai (shield and cutlass)

10. Sang Kaw (tiger hook)

11. Twin Axes

12. Da Dao

13. Tan Dao (single saber)

14. Sang Dao (twin saber)

15. Trident

16. Horse Cutting Knife

17. Kwan Dao

18. Walking Cane

19. Steel Bladed Fan

20. Two Hand Long Blade

21. Twin straight sword


Goh Cho Weapons Videos

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  • Video of weapons are good for reference distant training and for video record archives. Personal training is normally required at least once a year with qualified Goh Cho teachers or instructors in order to go through the the techniques and essence of the forms. Instructors and teachers are available in Ohio USA, Tampa Forida USA, Norway and Vancouver Canada. email for details.

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