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A set of home made DVD Vol. 1 - 9 

1. Sam Chien hand form

2. Tien Te Lin Chien hand form

3. Di SIp Kun hand form

4. Si Mun Pah Kat hand form

5. Sang Te Kwai weapon

6. Sang Te Pi weapon

7. Song Sui hand form

8. Goh Toh Tim Taoh hand form

9. Goh Tsio Kuhn weapon

10. Da Dao weapon

11. Single Dagger

Hand and Weapons Vol 1 to 9

SKU: 364115376135191
Color: Black
  • DVD home made for distant training. Videos are good for reference distant training and for video record archives. Personal training is normally required at least once a year with qualified Goh Cho teachers or instructors in order to go through the the techniques and essence of the forms. Instructors and teachers are available in Ohio USA, Tampa Forida USA, Norway and Vancouver Canada. email for details. 

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