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Philippine Kong Han 80th and South Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Federation Joint Event 2018 Nov. 23-27

Historical weapon of Dr. Lo Yan Chiu preserved at the Tsinoy Museum

November 23 – 26, 2018 The Philippine Kong Han Martial Arts Club hosted the 29th annual convention of the International South Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Federation at the festive City of Manila show casing to all the 220 foreign delegates from Australia, China, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sweden, Taiwan, France, Singapore, USA, Vietnam and the home country Philippines in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism in experiencing the holiday Christmas spirit in Manila, the Philippine culture, the food, the hospitality, the history and the folk dances.

The convention was held at Rizal Park Hotel with the official induction of the Federation new Chairman Abbott Shi Chang Ding he is also the Chief Abbott of Quanzhou Shaolin Temple. The convention was made more meaningful in conjunction with the celebration of the Philippine Kong Han Martial Arts Club’s 80th anniversary led by Mr. Eric Go Kaw Chairman of Philippine Kong Han, Grandmaster Henry Lo and all the officers and members of Philippine Kong Han and its international affiliates that made these two great events a memorable and successful one a one of its kind.

Grandmaster Henry Lo (3rd from left, Secretary General Mr. Ong Pong (center), Kong Han Chairman Mr. Eric Go Kaw (6th from left) together with Kong Han Sifus', officers and instructor.

These two events were climaxed with a full international kung fu demonstration of wu chu chuan (five ancestors’ fist) by all the foreign teams. The kung fu demonstration was held on Nov. 25 at the Chiang Kai Sek College multipurpose gym presented were several empty hand forms, weapon forms, drills, fighting set, brick breaking and the amazing kung fu skill the one finger hand stand by a South Shaolin monk a firsthand eyewitness to this incredible fit by all those that are present there, to see is to believe!

One finger hand stand